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Bringing Nature into Your Kitchen – Iris Hantverk Guest Blog

Around the world, we are changing the way we shop, eat, and live in search for a better quality of life. Families are choosing to grow their own vegetables and produce, baking their own breads and cakes, and taking the time to visit local farmer’s markets to stock up on fresh ingredients. There is therefore a growing demand for products that are organic, natural, and homemade. More and more, we seek items that are made with special care, and made exclusively for us.


This demand for organic, natural products does not apply only to food, but extends into our homes and in particular, being the food preparation area, the kitchen. In this way of life, the kitchen and kitchen utensils are being reworked to make way for more natural materials like wood, stone, and marble.

The bespoke country kitchen seamlessly fits into this lifestyle. The design is rural and idyllic, creating a homely atmosphere. Incorporating a careful selection of components, lighting styles, choice of colours and solid materials, and finishing touches, the country kitchen is characterised by a simple and yet informal ambience that invites warm and cosy gatherings. A big table, or island counter in the middle of the room provides ample space for pleasant moments with family and friends, while a large gas stove gives your country kitchen the ideal envelope of warmth and cosiness.


Inspirational company Iris Hantverk provides beautiful handmade kitchen utensils and accessories which fit perfectly with the organic, natural ethos which is so popular today. In support of the visual impairments movement, the company employs visually impaired craftsmen to help them create their ergonomic household designs – an old Swedish tradition. Their traditional handmade scandinavian brushes, used for baking, basting and cleaning, are handcrafted from natural materials and bound by these craftsmen, and have a natural fit in bespoke country kitchens. The craftsmen today use the same time honouring techniques as they have done for over a hundred years, attaching each individual bundle of bristle by hand.

Each brush is designed with its particular functioning use in mind. For heavy-duty cleaning, tough materials like Tampico fibre or Bassine are used, and for cleansing delicate glassware, soft bristles of horsehair are used.


Like Davonport Kitchens, Iris Hantverk’s handmade brushes continue to be a joy to use for many, many years. With a little simple care and attention, the brushes will age beautifully; clean with a little washing-up liquid and warm water, let the bristles dry down naturally, and add a few drops of oil the wood from time to time. For the perfect finish, a food grade oil or boiled cold pressed linseed oil is recommend.

Keeping alive the tradition of handcrafted, beautiful & functional products, Iris Hantverk’s many brush designs and household products help bring natural materials into the home, enhancing the organic feel of timber cabinetry and complementing the craftsmanship of Davonport Kitchens.

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