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Choosing a finish for your brassware

When it comes to choosing the finish for your brassware, there are a few things to consider – things like the style of kitchen, cabinetry and tap model chosen, what appliances you already have and fittings like door handles. Perrin & Rowe offer eight different finishes, all of which are plated in the UK to a depth to exceed industry standards to give a superior, quality appearance that stands the test of time. But what finishes are available, and how do you choose which one is best for you and your kitchen? Here’s an easy guide from Perrin & Rowe to help you in your decision.



This has a brilliant, silver finish with a hint of blue and is our best seller across all our brassware collections, whether they’re contemporary or classic. It’s a very hard wearing finish so is ideal for busy family life.


This is another high shine finish, but has a subtle golden glow to it so has a very classic look and a warmer feel than chrome. Similar to silverware, nickel can tarnish slightly after a while, however it’s very easy to bring back to a shine using a product like Autosol.


The Perrin & Rowe pewter finish is actually a brushed nickel, which means that after bringing it up to a high shine it is brushed with a rougher polishing mop to give it a very beautiful, soft blue-grey colour with a matte finish. It’s a very good match for brushed stainless steel sinks and kitchen appliances.


In addition to the standard chrome, nickel and pewter finishes, our special finishes are a range of five luxurious, warm metallic hues to bring a touch of style and unique character to your kitchen decor.

gold brassware

Polished Brass
This has a high shine and warm glow with coppery undertones and this develops a unique, aged patina over time as it reacts with its environment – what we call a ‘living finish’. Some people love this effect and it’s why they choose raw brass, however for those that don’t, the original shine can be restored quickly and easily – we have a care guide on our website that gives directions on how to care for each finish.


Aged Brass
Aged Brass was developed as a quick way to achieve that aged or ‘vintage’ brass effect, which has had a major revival across all areas of interior design recently. Developed by our Product Development team, who found a way to mimic the natural aging process, this is a darker brass finish with a tarnished, aged look which is perfect for rustic or urban style kitchen decor, or simply for a more ‘worn in’ take on the traditional kitchen.


Satin Brass
Similar to pewter, this finish gets polished by hand using a selection of mops to gently ‘unfinish’ the raw brass to give a matte effect. In doing so, you get a more subtle and refined finished, with lovely yellow undertones. This is a slightly more subtle and refined take on the other brass finishes and works really well in light, airy kitchens.

bronze brassware

English Bronze
The English Bronze finish is created using a high quality lacquer coating to give a darker shade of the metallic finish. The raw, natural feel of this finish can add a touch of interest to any style of kitchen and is becoming increasingly popular. English Bronze is very versatile and has a rich metallic brown finish with subtle notes of orange and copper: typically defined as antique. Perfect for vintage or country style kitchens.

Our Gold finish brassware is plated with 24 carat gold to give that unique lustre you only get from using the real thing. After polishing and an initial chrome layer, the components are gold plated at a very precise 40° – the optimum temperature for shine and that decadent pure gold colour. Striking on both contemporary and traditional style brassware, this finish is the epitome of style and opulence.

With so many finishes available, there’s something to suit every style of kitchen from country farmhouse to ultra-contemporary. Make sure you weigh up the alternatives to see which fits best with your style; it’s important not to underestimate the impact that taps and brassware can have on the overall look of a finished room, after all, the devil is in the detail.

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