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Christmas Wishlist from Davonport Staff

Dear Father Christmas

We’ve been really good this year and we’d be so happy to find one of these lovely kitchen appliances or gadgets under our tree on Christmas Day.

With much love

The Davonport team

PS We’re assuming money is no object??!!

AGA range cooker – Rebecca, Marketing
AGAs are iconically British and in fact they are still manufactured in Shropshire to this day. Traditionally known for their dual heating and cooking functionality, they are a very distinctive addition to any kitchen. The newer models however, offer more flexibility in design and usage, enabling these cast iron cookers to fit seamlessly in to every home and lifestyle.

“I just love AGAs,” says Becky, “they make the room so cosy. Although I like their classic styling, I used to think it meant committing to a more traditional finish throughout the entire kitchen – which isn’t really me. The fact that they now come in a variety of colours and models banishes that concern – it gives them a modern twist which helps them fit into any style of interior.”

Sub-Zero wine fridgeGill, Logistics & Dispatch

Gill commented: “Who wouldn’t want a wine fridge? Having a dedicated fridge just for reds, whites and best of all, champagne, would be a dream come true.”

In a luxury kitchen, a wine fridge is a must-have for many; it may be a decadent appliance but a Sub-Zero wine cooler is far more than just a fridge. They use superior technologies to preserve wines, protecting them from the four elements which do most damage; heat, light, humidity and vibration. If three wine fridges – one for red, one for white and another for fizz – sounds a bit much even on an unlimited budget then you’re in luck; one fridge contains multiple sections which each has its own climate control system to ensure that wine stays in tip-top condition.

Miele coffee machine – Kirsty, Production
Coffee lovers will undoubtedly covet the holy grail of beverage makers – a coffee machine. However if cost were no concern then why go for an everyday model? An integrated machine like those from Miele is a budding barista’s dream.

Kirsty, who’s on our production team, picked this as her top luxury appliance. “Life is too short for bad coffee, so if I were able to design my own kitchen without the restraint of a budget, the first thing I’d go for is a top of the range built in coffee machine,” she said.

Wolf range – Richard, Managing Director
“I love range cookers, but for me it’s all about Wolf,” says Richard. “The clean lines and stainless steel finish gives a really robust, industrial feel to their range cookers – and make me feel like a professional every time I’m making a meal.”

With dual convection technology which uses two fans and multiple heating elements to precisely control heat and airflow, no matter if you’re baking, roasting or grilling, the entire appliance is designed for optimum control and professional results.

“My favourite feature of the Wolf range cookers is the the charbroiler which is available on the larger models. For meat lovers they are brilliant – you can BBQ all year round! There’s even a grate top which gives the distinctive chargrill lines,” Richard concludes.

Circular chopping block – Jack, Design Team
Jack noted: “The circular chopping blocks are so eye catching. At Davonport these are often designed into the kitchen island; the angular lines of the main worktop are really offset by the the curves of the chopping board. Obviously it’s hugely practical as well.”

Sub-Zero fridge drawer – Sam, Production
Everyone has a fridge and a freezer in some form – no doubt they are essentials for every kitchen. But what about a fridge drawer?

“I’d definitely have a Sub-Zero fridge drawer in my dream kitchen, they’re just so ergonomic,” says Sam. “It can be difficult to reach products at the back of the top shelf of a normal fridge but a fridge drawer makes things easily accessible – you can see exactly what’s there and get to it, no problem. Plus it’s a great place to store bottles, from beers to Coca Cola and juices; it’s all so easy to access.”

Boiling water tap – Rebecca, Accounts
Hot water taps are being seen in more and more homes, and with good reason. They provide instant boiling water whenever you need it – no more waiting for the kettle to boil.

“My kitchen must-have is definitely a hot tap. I hate clutter on the work surface and this would enable me to get rid of my kettle, for starters. I’d have to get a bells-and-whistles version though; boiling, chilled and sparkling water too.”

Miele warming drawer – Nigel, Commercial Director
“Getting multiple dishes all ready at the same time is made so much easier with a warming drawer,” says Nigel.

The Miele warming drawers sit seamlessly under their built-in ovens and can be used for a whole variety of tasks, making them much more versatile than you might initially think. Of course they are commonly used to keep food warm and to heat up crockery, but they can also be used to prove dough, melt chocolate, cook rice and even make yoghurt.”

PantryAnnie, Production

“I would love to have a pantry in my kitchen; I love to bake so I’d use it as a place to store all my baking appliances and ingredients. At the moment they take up valuable space in my cabinets, so having a dedicated zone would be fantastic.”

Pantries by Davonport are designed with integrated storage solutions; herbs, spices and preserves can be stored in door racks, and any combination of drawers and shelves can be included depending on your needs – some homeowners choose to have crates for bread and vegetables, others ask for extra shelves for bowls and dishes. No matter how you wish to use a pantry, we are able to tailor the internal storage so that it suits you perfectly – we can even carve labels into the drawers so there’s no confusion when others help tidy up!

What’s on your wish list this Christmas?

For more information or to see any of these appliances in situ please contact us to arrange to visit or drop into our showroom.

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