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Colour Trends in Kitchen Design: What Will Be the Next Big Thing?

Even at the concept stage of designing a kitchen, most people will have an idea of the colour scheme they want to work to, after all it’s integral to the aesthetics of the finished room. Often the most enjoyable part of planning your new kitchen is deciding which paint colours or wallpapers will adorn the walls of a room which is so intrinsic to everyday living. So what are the current colour trends in kitchen design and how do you choose the right colour scheme for your kitchen?

When opting for a bespoke wooden kitchen, it’s often the case that some woods are preferred over others for their aesthetics, and sometimes a colour scheme needs adjusting in order to harmonise all the elements; walls, cabinets, worktops and appliances. This is why the recent trend for grey has lasted so long; the wide variety of greys available mean that it is a highly versatile yet neutral colour. Although ‘grey’ is referred to as one colour it does actually encompass a wide variety of shades; some with blue, brown and even green tones. Therefore, grey can easily blend with many different woods as well as other, stronger colours.

However, as in fashion, there are seasons in interior design, meaning that colour trends adapt and change over time. Increasingly, taupe is being used in kitchen decor, and creams are making a comeback both for the same adaptability qualities that they show as grey. For those that have bolder tastes, one colour that is rising in popularity is petrol blue; a deep blue with green tones, growing in popularity thanks to the rising trend in industrial style decor.

In addition, industrial styling has seen bronze and copper increasingly being used as accents, such as light shades, accessories and taps. Whilst in the past we have seen dark worktops grow in popularity, lighter shades are on the rise. Although a black worktop may look stunning, it could limit your options if you ever choose to revamp the space.

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