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EKBB -Top Kitchen Designers of Our Time

Great kitchen design lifts our spirits and that’s important – after all, it’s the room at home in which we tend to spend most of our time. At EKBB Magazine, we enjoy the creations of some of the best kitchen designers of our times in every issue, so what better way to celebrate all things British than with a historic photo of our top designers of British kitchens?
Gathered together under one roof for the very first time, we turned our lens on eight very different individuals who run some of the most successful British kitchen companies.
What unites them? Outstanding talent and an established commitment to top notch kitchen design in Britain.
We asked each of them to tell us just one way the British kitchen design has changed significantly over the years, and one way in which it might be heading.

Richard Davonport has been running his bespoke kitchen company since 1995. His passion for cabinet making was sparked when he had a job after school cutting down trees in the woods close to his home. He collected off-cuts of timber and began experimenting with his father’s hobby lathe, turning small bowls and boxes. Given the quality of his kitchens, it probably comes as no surprise to discover that his first job was making museum copies of antique furniture.


‘The move towards open-plan kitchens and living spaces has become a major influence on British kitchen design,’ says Richard. ‘ Kitchens can no longer be defined as just one room modern kitchens are also breakfast, media, dining, utility and loving rooms as well. That’s meant designs had to suit more open spaces, and we’ve seen cabinetry become less ornate.’ And what does he think is next? ‘Light and clean designs combining painted and timber furniture with stainless steel and glass are the way forward: we are moving towards an exciting trend of minimalist detailing with maximum craftsmanship,’ says Richard.

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