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Kitchen Design Trends 2021

As we reach the end of another year (in this instance, one that has been especially life changing), it is that time where we reflect on what the key kitchen trends have been and how designs are evolving into the new year. 

To write this and not draw reference to Covid-19 is unsurprisingly impossible! The effect that the global pandemic has had on the way we live, and subsequently, how this has influenced the design choices that homeowners are making, has been significant.

Homeworking, home schooling and catering for every mealtime and snack for the whole of the family, the demands on our kitchens have reached another level. So, how are these demands influencing kitchen design trends for 2021?

1. Hot water taps

Hot water taps replacing a traditional kettle have been a popular choice with our clients planning new Davonport kitchens this year and into early next. There are many different styles of hot taps and the designs have evolved over the last 12 months to include gold and brass tone finishes, reflecting the trend in kitchen accessories.

This year homeworkers have been drawn to the benefits of hot taps; being able to make instant hot drinks in between (and even during) meetings, and the lack of noise also reduces the disruption to other family members sharing the same space.

2. Going for green

Greens have been a popular colour choice for hand painted kitchens throughout 2020. The bolder, darker shades paired with brass and gold tone accessories have continued to dominate social media feeds and internet searches this year. However, the trend for going green seems to be moving towards lighter, softer tones that are paired with more natural finished textures and materials.


Experts suggest that these softer, natural tones and materials reminiscent of nature reflect how the pandemic has made us feel; subconsciously we are seeking to connect with the outdoors and wider space after spending more time than ever before within the same four walls. 

3. Super storage

During the first national lockdown of 2020 homeowner’s food shopping habits changed with households having to plan for every mealtime and snack, 24/7 and for the whole family. This naturally led to a need for more storage for both fresh and dried food goods. 

As the year has progressed the trend for increased storage and larger capacity appliances has continued. We therefore expect walk in pantries and larder-style units to be a big trend in kitchen design for 2021.

4. Home bars

As well as the need to store more food, with the national lockdowns and restrictions in 2020 limiting our ability to socialise in pubs and bars, drinking at home has become the new normal. In our recent blog creating a home bar we explore the trends that are emerging in kitchen design for storing alcohol. 

5. Broken plan layouts

Open plan layouts have evolved over the last decade with kitchen design styles to suit. However, with the whole family living and working from home together throughout 2020 the need for privacy and a sense of personal space has increased. 

At Davonport we have started to see a trend towards more broken plan layouts, with clients creating separate areas behind sections of walls or screens to accommodate activities such as working from home or watching TV.

6. Seating for the whole family

We expect integrated seating solutions such as banquette and breakfast bar style seating to be popular in 2021.

Prior to 2020, for the majority, eating together as a whole family was a less regular event limited to Sunday roasts and special occasions. However, with families now together for most mealtimes, ample seating, and space to dine together has become more of a priority.

If you are considering planning a new kitchen in the new year, why not contact us to arrange an informal browse around our showroom or to book a design consultation with one of our expert designers?

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