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Kitchen spring cleaning tips while you #StayHome

As we hunker down as a nation and spend more time at home than ever before, we are quickly learning that it is important to find positive things to focus on. Whether that means escaping to your bedroom with a good book, watching a new boxset on Netflix, or simply catching up on that endless list of jobs around the house; finding positive things to help pass the time and keep your spirits up is key.

With many of us now sharing the same space for hours on end, it is hard to avoid the task of cleaning. Here are some tips for bringing the sparkle back to your kitchen – whether you’ve got time to do them all at once, or one every few days, these tips will help to restore your kitchen to its former glory.

1. How to clean your handpainted kitchen furniture

With the Spring sunshine pouring in through the windows any smears and splashes on kitchen furniture will become even more noticeable – especially on the darker coloured handpainted kitchens which are currently an extremely popular interior design trend.

To clean kitchen furniture and handles effectively, whilst also preserving their finishes, simply use warm soapy water (washing-up liquid is fine). Dilute a small amount into a bucket or bowl and use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to wipe down cabinets and drawers. Dry off each section as you go with a clean, microfibre cloth or tea towel.

2. How to get streak-free kitchen worktops

Granite & marble worktops:

It is important to avoid abrasive or gritty cleaners on granite worktops as these will wear down the sealant, making it susceptible to staining and discolouration. To test if your surface is sealed, leave a few drops of water on the countertop. The water should bead up, but if it soaks in, it is time to think about getting it resealed.

To clean natural stones effectively, warm soapy water is again the best option, but there are lots of products available on the shelves formulated specifically for natural stones. Method cleaning has some great products that we would definitely recommend. 

To help your granite worktop sparkle, a quick spritz with a bit of glass/window cleaner and buff off with a clean microfibre cloth is all that is needed.

For Silestone and other manmade worktops:

We’ve found Cif Natural Cream Cleaner to be the best product for removing stains from manmade worktops. Alternatively, in a similar fashion to granite or marble, a bit of glass of window cleaners will help make shiny and streak-free worktops.

3. How to remove limescale from kitchen taps

For those living in hardware areas, the build-up of unsightly limescale on kitchen taps can be quite noticeable. Try this natural cleaning solution to help remove the limescale:

Mix half a teaspoon of salt and half a cup of white vinegar, and then add flour to make a paste. Apply this mixture thickly onto the affected area and leave for 30 minutes before rinsing off. For chrome taps only you can then wipe over with vinegar and rinse with water. 

NB: For taps with a special finish, please follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning in the first instance to avoid damage.

4. How to bring life back to wooden chopping boards

Not only are they practical, but wooden chopping boards can also be a great aesthetic feature in a kitchen. To bring beech and olive wood chopping boards back to life, wash with warm soapy water and leave to dry. Be sure not to put in them in the dishwasher, as the heat will damage them. 

Additionally, gently warm a small amount of plain olive oil, dampen a sheet of kitchen roll with the oil and rub into the grain of the wooden board. Leave the board overnight and the next day it will look good as new and will be ready to use again.

5. How to bring the sparkle back to ceramic sinks

In hard water areas, watermarks can leave discoloured patches on the ceramic. Simply fill the sink with 3 parts warm water and 1 part of white vinegar and leave for up to 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water and watermarks should have disappeared, leaving the ceramic shiny and clean.  

6. How to freshen up a microwave

With the whole family at home more, the microwave will undoubtedly be getting more use at the moment. To help deodorise and clean, combine 1 cup of water with half a cup of lemon juice in a measuring cup or bowl and heat it on full power for 3-5 minutes. Let it stand in the microwave for 5-10 minutes before removing. This should make it much easier to clean and remove any built-up debris.

Breathe life back into any kitchen

In a world where everyone’s lives are getting busier and busier, it can be easy to push the everyday tasks to the bottom of the list. With these quick and simple tips, homeowners can breathe life back into their kitchen and make sure that it’s ready for whatever life throws at it, once the lockdown is over. 

Are you ready to take the first step to designing a bespoke kitchen extension? Get in touch with us today to speak with one of our expert designers or take a look at our top tips for planning a bespoke kitchen extension.

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