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The kitchen pantry and larder: Making storage beautiful

It’s very difficult to say how much kitchen storage a homeowner needs, but most of the time it’s safe to say that the more the better. However, filling your kitchen with endless rows of cabinets and drawers can soon make the room seem cluttered. The solution? Try a kitchen pantry or larder; these storage solutions are the perfect way to maximise space and keep your kitchen clutter-free.

A larder can provide a flexible form of storage, and are great for housing awkward or unusual shaped items. A bespoke interior will ensure that you get the absolute most from the space, as different combinations of storage can be incorporated so that the space meets your individual needs. For example, if you want to store groceries, crockery and pots and pans, a designer can include wooden vegetable crates, pull-out wirework baskets, and double height shelving for awkward appliances – amongst other things. Spice racks can even be added to the back of door the door for storing spices, dried herbs and oils.

Convinced? The next step is defining what sort of kitchen larder or pantry will work best for you. For those with enough space, the dream is the walk-in larder. Whether just big enough to step into, or verging on being a room in its own right, the walk-in larder will offer an enormous amount of storage space, and endless possibilities in terms of shelving, cupboard and drawer configuration. It will also enable storage of small appliances – perhaps the toaster, or even a coffee machine – meaning truly minimalist kitchen work surfaces and plenty of room to cook and prep food.

Alternatively, in a larger kitchen you could opt for a Butler’s Pantry. The classic look of this pantry makes it a popular choice that blends into a shaker style kitchen seamlessly. Bespoke and creative storage solutions really come into their own here; combining shelving with baskets, vegetable crates and solid wood drawers. Because each Davonport pantry is made to order, personalised carving is available. We frequently get asked for ‘fruit & vegetables’ as well as ‘treats & cheats’ on the crates. As they are hand carved, you can choose more personal options and even put your children’s or house name above the doors if you wish.

Whilst a big, walk in pantry might be the dream for many, smaller options are available for more compact kitchens. Larder cabinets or corner units are especially popular in smaller kitchen spaces, as they maximise the space and won’t overpower the room. In a similar fashion, sliding out sections are perfect for storing tins, jars and spices in what might otherwise be ‘dead space’, and in smaller kitchens provide invaluable additional kitchen storage.

In a pull out larder unit, there’s no chance of anything being forgotten or left to sit in the dark for months. Likewise, no matter what size or style of larder you opt for, accessibility is something to always keep in mind. For example a shelf which is only as deep as one or two of the items sitting on it will ensure that everything is straight to hand, alternatively a mirrored back wall on a deeper pantry will make it easier to view the items at the back of the shelves.

A pantry or larder is a true example of clever kitchen storage. Available in a variety of sizes, widths, and with infinite internal configurations, they can be adapted to store whatever you want; whether it be fresh or dried produce, pots and pans, crockery, glassware, appliances or a combination of everything. They can also be created to fit corners, making the most of every part of the kitchen whilst keeping items accessible – unlike some more traditional corner cabinet solutions. At Davonport we design and create our kitchens from scratch, meaning that we accommodate all your storage requirements in a way that works for you and your home. It gives us complete flexibility when it comes to clever storage solutions, so we can create a bespoke kitchen pantry which is both functional and beautiful.

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