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Situated in a stunning newly built home just outside London, our clients were looking for an entertaining kitchen with real wow factor that includes top of the range appliances, and an ergonomic layout with striking aesthetics. In-keeping with the quest for creating real wow factor is the core of this Belgravia inspired kitchen; the floating bowed island. Take the full kitchen tour to find out more.

1 | The mantel and range cooker

For a kitchen designed for entertaining, a Wolf range cooker was the obvious choice. Complete with two 98 litre ovens and a rangetop that features a charbroiler and teppanyaki, this cooker is perfect for large family meals and celebrations. To fully emphasise the range, we designed a grand 2.7m long mantel to frame it. This features spice cabinets within both columns and beautiful hand turned walnut corbels to echo the walnut accents throughout the rest of the design.

2 | The burr walnut circular cabinet

At both ends of the island is a circular chopping block cabinet, with curved doors and burr walnut and mirror detailing. On this end of the island, the worktop includes a burr walnut, book-matched detail for ultimate luxury. The mirror band that wraps around the walnut top echoes the polished detailing that gives our Belgravia style its signature look. It was crucial that the combination of materials and tones exuded opulence and glamour.

3 | The ‘floating’ island

At the very core of this kitchen is the ‘floating’ island. A first for us at Davonport, the challenge was to create a kitchen island where the main body appears to float. We achieved this by supporting the island at both ends with the circular cabinets to create a ‘bridge’. The bowed shape of the island is also reflected in the suspended ceiling box above, continuing the curved theme.

4 | The cold store

Tucked around the corner and just out of sight from the living room/ dining area is the cold store. For a home designed to welcome the grown up children and their own families, ample refrigeration space was a necessity. Two Sub-Zero fridges, plus a freezer and two freezer drawers perfectly fit the bill. All this is beautifully encased by a walnut frame featuring the hand carved ‘cold store’ detailing as a finishing touch.

5 | The breakfast cupboard

This breakfast cupboard is exemplary of well-considered design. With the pocket doors closed, it appears as simply two tall cupboards. However, upon opening the doors the breakfast cupboard is revealed. Featuring a convenient granite shelf to help keep food cool, as well as a variety of internal cupboards, drawers and even vegetable crates, this bespoke breakfast pantry provides storage for everything from coffee cups to the toaster and even breakfast pastries. And of course, when not in use, the doors are simply closed to disguise the storage within.

Visit our Belgravia style page to view other projects inspired by this design. Or if you would like to discuss your own project plans with us please get in touch.

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