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Kitchen Tour | Rural Farmhouse

It’s easy to look at a kitchen as a whole and overlook the individual details and how they piece together to create a room that’s practical, beautiful and enjoyable to be in. This farmhouse kitchen, nestled in the Essex countryside, was designed to be a warm and welcoming family space. Why not put your feet up for 5 minutes and a take a tour?

1 | The AGA

The core of the brief was to create a welcoming kitchen that felt inviting for all the family. And when you conjure up notions of a busy family farmhouse kitchen it’s highly likely that an AGA features somewhere in your imagination. Add to this the fact that our clients had an AGA in their previous kitchen and loved it and this popular kitchen appliance soon became a top priority for the remodel. Framing the much loved AGA cooker is a bespoke Tillingham mantel. As well as emphasising the quintessential English country kitchen aesthetic, the mantel also provides useful extra storage with small cabinets on either side of the range cooker.

2 | The Bespoke Cutlery Tray

Hidden away within the kitchen island is a set of handmade drawers. Each and every Davonport drawer features dovetail joints for maximum strength and longevity and they’re finished off with the Davonport seal of approval. We believe the inside of your cupboards and drawers should be just as beautiful and of equally high quality as the exteriors. The small metal disc on the side of this drawer is the Davonport ‘seal of approval’, awarded only after a kitchen passed its final quality checks – a symbol of the underlying quality of the kitchen cabinetry and furniture which was all important for creating this cosy, family kitchen.

3 | The Kitchen Island

With a structural column in the centre of the room, a remnant of a previous extension, the island was designed to wrap around it, moulding the pillar into the kitchen itself. With the AGA just out of shot to the right of this image, the majority of the island worktop is designated food prep space. The sink is within arms reach for washing and rinsing ingredients, with an easy and clear path between the sink, worktop and cooker – very practical for day to day cooking.

4 | The Statement Pantry

The statement pantry in this farmhouse kitchen injects a dash of red into the colour scheme. This was very important to our client as they have this accent colour throughout their home. Aside from creating a focal point in the room, the pantry also provides storage space for a variety of small appliances as well as dried produce, all neatly located together.

5 | The Dining Space

Our clients wanted their new kitchen to become the main socialising space for the family, with a relaxed open plan layout. Beyond the island is the dining space, located within part of the original farmhouse. To tie this space into the main kitchen area fabric used on the kitchen blinds was also used to upholster the dining chairs, and bespoke shelves and cabinetry was created for the walls in the dining area. The original beams in the dining area hint at the room’s natural division whilst the fabric and cabinetry choices maintain a sense of unity and flow.

This kitchen is part of our Tillingham style, if you’d like to see further examples of this style please visit the Tillingham collection.

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