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Kitchen trends 2023

When designing your dream kitchen, you’ll want it to stand the test of time but also potentially make in on-trend by adding in some of the latest kitchen trends that we’re seeing in 2023. From playful colours, natural textures and unusual finishes, there is plenty to choose from.

Some of the latest kitchen trends also don’t require a full kitchen renovation, and instead can freshen up your current kitchen, which is perfect for adding a new twist to an older kitchen.

Here is our take on the kitchen trends of 2023:

Mixed metals

Kitchen trends mixed metalsRefreshing your hardware (cabinet handles) can instantly change the look of your kitchen. Styles, materials and colours change with time and out of fashion options can make a kitchen appear old. Refreshing handles, with a focus on the latest trends – think brushed brass and texture for 2023 – can make your kitchen feel on-trend in a fairly quick and painless process.

It is also an area you can have fun with and try something different. A big trend for 2023 is mixing your metals. We have never had as much choice when it comes to the metallic finishes we can pick, from aged brass through to brushed copper, there is now an abundance of choice. Which is why it isn’t that much of a surprise that we want to use several of these options within a room, picking shades and products that we love, rather than having to make them fit within a pre-defined design. It also can add a beautiful sense of depth, adding a luxurious and high-end finish to your kitchen.

Rounded kitchen islands

kitchen trend rounded kitchen islandsCurves are dominating interior spaces at the moment and a kitchen island lends itself to being moulded into this new form. Rounded kitchen islands can infuse your kitchen with a softer, more relaxed feel, providing a more conducive way to entertain friends and family.

There is also the added benefit that it is a shape we’re not often use to seeing in a kitchen, which makes it visually more interesting and appealing and can be more of a statement piece that a traditional island.

Reeded Glass

kitchen trends reeded glassReeded (or fluted) glass has been gaining traction across the home for the last couple of years, but in 2023 it will be one of the main trends in kitchens. It is not only stylish but a practical addition, as it offers a level of privacy so that your cupboard doesn’t have to be perfectly styled.

This style of glass is a great option for the upper run of cabinetry in a kitchen, as it helps your kitchen to feel less top heavy and instead in a perfect alternative that works across both modern and traditional spaces.

While reeded glass is going to be hugely popular, choosing wired glass can be alterative that brings a raw, urban edge to a kitchen. The look is further amplified by using the wired glass as part of a display cabinet that features a store of upturned wine glasses in a ‘gastro-chic style. Displaying glassware and crockery in this style is a modern take on traditional display cabinets. Choosing wire glazed cabinet is also practical, especially at low level as they are pretty much impossible to break around boisterous children.

Green with envy

Two tone green kitchenGreen can be found on the cooler side of the colour wheel but that doesn’t mean it is lacking in warmth. Along with bringing nature inside, and all the goodness associated with the great outdoors, green can also evoke a feeling of peace and security, which is perfect for kitchens, especially at a time of so much uncertainty.

For 2023, we’ll see more of mint green making its way into kitchens. It’s an uplifting, zingy yet calming and subtle shade and is an evolution of sage green that we’ve seen dominate over the last couple of years.

Mint also works well alongside other green shades and contrasting with a forest green island can add more depth and a further dimension to the space.

Pulchritudinous Pantries

Glass kitchen pantryOnce upon a time an Aga was one of the most sought-after items in a kitchen, however, this has been overtaken by the desire for a pantry. They can act as additional storage space for food, a dedicated food prep space, a hidden coffee bar, and so much more.

They can come in many different formats, from beautiful pantry-style cupboards to a dedicated space that is zoned off from the rest of the kitchen, they are both a practical addition but also can make a real design statement in your kitchen.

To maximise the space, look to have floor to ceiling shelving where possible, along with items some as generous-sized additional worksurface and over and under shelving, and basket drawers for storing breads and pastries.


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