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Kitchenaid – Beyond the Stand Mixer

If someone says ‘KitchenAid’ to you it’s likely to evoke connotations of family baking, freshly made bread and all round cosy home cooking. The KitchenAid stand mixer has become an iconic kitchen appliance and it’s something we see a lot of working with our clients. Of course we’re big fans of this classic KitchenAid appliance but actually there’s much more to KitchenAid than just that.

Here are a couple of our favourite products from KitchenAid, which allow professional performance and quality in the comfort of your own home. Coupled with the iconic design that can be seen across the range of KitchenAid products, it’s the combination of functionality and style that make these the perfect addition to your kitchen wish list…


Chef Touch, a revolutionary appliance, is a Sous Vide cooking system specifically designed for your home. It is composed of three appliances: A Vacuum Machine for taste and texture enhancement as well as food preservation using the sous-vide technique; a Combi Microwave with a special sous-vide program, for sous-vide cooking the food; and a Shock Freezer, for rapid chilling and freezing. They are all part of one sophisticated stainless-steel column and work together in perfect synergy.


Brand-new from KitchenAid, the Chef Sign has been designed to revolutionise the world of home cooking. Inspired by the professional units used in the kitchens of top restaurants, these deep induction trays are an innovative cooking system offering five different functions – steaming, boiling, cooking at low temperatures, roasting, and frying – with which to experiment a broad range of culinary techniques with the utmost precision and flair. Coupling the performance of an oven with that of an induction hob, it produces perfect results, thanks to even heat distribution – with no heat loss – and superb temperature precision. The accessories are also inspired by the professional world, manufactured with KitchenAid’s artisanal care and specially designed to offer professional performance: baskets for frying and steaming, a pasta drainer and a glass lid complete the efficiency and versatility of Chef Sign.

Everyone wants their kitchen to be beautiful, but it also needs to be a practical space and functional too. Thorough planning is essential and this includes careful consideration of appliances, from top of the range innovative products such as KitchenAid’s Chef Touch and Chef Sign, to everyday essentials. Our Appliance Ergonomic blog has some hints and tips on layout and positioning, or alternatively for advice or inspiration please feel free to get in touch.

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