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Designing a Large Kitchen: Ensuring it’s Cosy & Comfortable

Clients with a large kitchen can really make this room the hub of the home whether it be for entertaining guests or for everyone to spend time together as a family. Although luxurious, a large amount of floor space can be daunting. Your Davonport kitchen designer is always on hand to assist you; however it may be helpful to have some rough ideas for your kitchen. Cabinetry maximises the space but it tends to sit around the edges of the room. To prevent the space feeling sparse it is important to consider the kitchen layout, furniture/storage solutions and a great centrepiece, such as an island as these are the core elements of your design.


The most important factor when it comes to designing a large kitchen is ergonomics. Putting the fridge/freezer at the opposite end of the room to your cooking area, for example, is impractical. Think about how you use your kitchen and prioritise keeping the structure of the food preparation, cooking, and eating areas distinct. In addition, take into account the space as a whole and the proportions involved, making sure that you don’t overcrowd or overwhelm any areas.


A large kitchen is often part of a great open plan space so there is a lot of scope for creating flow. Centrepieces, such as islands, facilitate this and also help to create distinct kitchen zones which help to give a large kitchen order and focus. As mentioned, kitchen zones will typically include food preparation, cooking, and eating areas, as well as a washing up area. Though not essential, other popular kitchen zones to incorporate into a large design are seating and drinks areas. It is important that different zones do not compromise each other it should be easy to move logically between the areas without getting in someone else’s way. Creating these zones gives the space practical separations as well as having a positive aesthetic impact.


Larger kitchens allow for more options in terms of kitchen furniture design. Tall storage cupboards, islands and pantries are all possibilities within a larger space. Your choice of island could incorporate seating, include appliances or even feature multiple islands. Equally, a pantry could be walk in, freestanding or simply pantry cupboards surrounding a fridge. A large room offers the potential for a wide array of options.


Of course, the more space and solutions there are (especially in an open plan room), the more opportunity there is to incorporate modern storage ideas that offer both stylish and practical solutions. Where suitable, kitchens can have hidden larders, spice inserts cleverly designed into cabinetry, or even multiple appliance garages perfect for gadget lovers. An appliance garage is used to house the items that are needed a lot in the kitchen so that they are easily accessible but are hidden away. Regardless of kitchen size, it can easily look untidy if the worktops are covered with appliances. Appliance garages can be used for anything from kettles and toasters to food processors and blenders. Ultimately, there are almost endless options available depending on how you use your kitchen, and which items need to be stored. The most important thing is to ensure that items that are used frequently are easily accessible in a large kitchen with a lot of storage it can be easy for things to get lost. For that reason, there’s little point filling the kitchen with cabinetry consider what crockery and other kitchen equipment you own, how much storage you currently use, and plan storage accordingly.

So how do you fill any remaining space? Bringing in other furniture will ensure that the space feels homely and cosy. For example, integrate sofas, a dining table and chairs, large pictures or even plants so that the space is filled appropriately. Large spaces can easily be adapted to a family’s specific requirements such as incorporating a dining table, family room or media area. As a result, we often find that a kitchen designed around lifestyle calls for more than just kitchen furniture and equipment. Whether you opt for sofas or a study area, soft furnishings will prevent the kitchen from feeling sparse, adding a homely feel.


Of course it’s important not to forget the final key element the centrepiece. Large kitchens can accommodate a range of options from breakfast bars to islands with banquette seating.

Islands and peninsulas are some of the most popular features for large kitchens and as such they are high on the wish list for many customers. Islands offer additional storage, work surface and dining areas, as well as enhancing the look of the space.


Islands present an opportunity to incorporate several wish list items; a wine fridge, warming drawers, breakfast bar or barrel cabinetry with builtin chopping blocks to name a few. This type of arrangement will provide a central focus for the kitchen, and create an ideal place for members of the family to gather round whilst cooking, making your kitchen a very sociable part of the home.

Importantly, don’t be worried about making a bold statement with large proportions if you have the space – it’s important to ensure that your kitchen centerpiece doesn’t get lost in the final layout.


Lastly it is worth mentioning lighting as it’s an element not everyone considers at the design stage, but can make all the difference. It’s nice to mix lighting styles in large kitchens, for example a combination of pendant lights, ceiling spotlights and plinth lighting will provide a lovely even light throughout the room. Pendant lights in particular are especially nice over an island or table as they help fill the space. Using different types of lights enables you to highlight different focal points, and create ambient lighting when entertaining. Importantly, different styles of lighting give the light different textures which adds a really nice extra dimension to the room.


Ultimately, if you are planning to redesign your space to form a large kitchen you have an impressive choice of options; bespoke cabinetry and furniture presents a wide variety of possibilities. This inspiring list of options may seem a little daunting to begin with; however the points suggested in this article are worth remembering. Your Davonport designer is on hand throughout the entire process to assist you in designing your large kitchen, ensuring it becomes the spacious but welcoming core of the home with each and every detail designed around you and your lifestyle.

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