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Magnificent mums with Essex Living

When the team at Essex Living magazine asked us to join them to celebrate 10 inspirational mums from Essex, we didn’t hesitate to get involved. After all, as luxury kitchen designers, we create the heart of the home and mums sit at the heart of the family. It was the perfect fit. 

The magazine invited readers to nominate a mum who had inspired them and the response was overwhelming. Inundated with hundreds of suggestions, editor Katy Pearson said ‘It was both humbling and awe-inspiring to read the emails. Some of them literally brought us to tears, so it was an incredibly tough job to select just 10 mothers to feature in our special Mother’s Day edition.’ 

The editorial team uncovered story upon story of dedicated mums enduring and overcoming adversity, heartache, and grief, with some still facing difficult challenges on a daily basis whilst continuing their role as dedicated mothers. All were united in the view that parenting can be one of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs a person can undertake.

Amongst the mums was Debbie Bright, whose daughter is TOWIE star Lydia Bright. For over 27 years, she has fostered more than 200 children whilst caring for her own four children and has since become a grandmother to Lydia’s first baby, Loretta.

Also receiving recognition was Mum of three, Nicola Best, who lost her sister suddenly to a brain aneurysm. She took on her nephew and niece in addition to her own family and is currently living life as a single mum of five.

The ‘Essex’s most inspiring mums’ shortlist provided just a small snapshot of the various challenges that face anyone in a maternal or paternal role. We were truly humbled and grateful for the opportunity to be involved with this project.

You can read the full story in the March edition of Essex Living magazine.

Don’t forget Mother’s Day on Sunday, 22nd March!

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