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Maximising the Space in Your Kitchen

Having built the Davonport name on a basis of unsurpassed quality for over two decades, the inherent superiority of a Davonport kitchen is found in the smallest intricacies. Hand crafting all Davonport kitchen cabinetry under one roof, behind our main showroom in Essex, enables us to keep total control over the level of expertise and attention to detail applied to each step of the process.

Island, pantry and cabinet alternatives

Whilst larger or open plan kitchens often have room for an island, if your kitchen doesn’t lend itself to this then a table is a nice option, or a peninsula can be an effective way to add worktop space.


If your walls are maxed out with cabinets, then a sit-on dresser is an effective way of adding storage. Not only does this provide more worktop area, there are both shelves and drawers which can be used as an alternative to a pantry or for housing pots, pans and crockery. As an added bonus, a dresser can be situated outside the kitchen, for example in a dining area, meaning that you are not necessarily limited by the room available in the kitchen for storage.


If you want to add extra cupboard space but find there’s an issue with space for opening doors – perhaps in a corner for example – then a tambour door unit is an excellent option. These doors are made of a series of small slats, and can be installed to either roll up-and-down vertical tracks, providing easy access without having to allow space for a conventional cupboard door. Tambour cupboards are ideally used as an appliance garage to house microwaves, mixers, and coffee machines.


Clever internals

Internal storage options are worth ample consideration, as clever internals will help organise the space most effectively. Specialist internals such as a magic corner or Le Mans make wise use of cupboard interiors, maximising space and making items easily accessible even in corner units. Davonport can also create drawer boxes and cutlery inserts to bespoke sizes, specifically for your drawers, easily organising your utensils and cutlery.

Small additions

It may not be the biggest storage addition, but having a small cupboard integrated into your mantel or canopy surround can be extremely useful. Use this little space to store herbs and spices, cooking oils and the utensils you most often reach for when using the hob. This will not only free up space in other parts of your kitchen, it will keep these items at hand when you need them most.

Subtle solutions

As well as practical ideas for maximising space in your kitchen, there is a number of decor and interior design solutions which will help keep your kitchen looking spacious.

For example, the position of tall cupboards can really affect the perception of how spacious the room is. In terms of decor, light colours are also well advised. Darker tones can be introduced as accents but in general a scheme designed to make a room feel more spacious should focus on lighter hues.

Lighting is also hugely important. Trying to factor in as much natural light as possible is crucial, but equally, introducing adequate artificial light is also important – especially in winter months. A range of general, ambient, and task lighting will provide a nice variety of options which will be suitable for any occasion. Including lighting in other areas can also help the room feel spacious, for example, adding lighting to cupboards with glass doors creates the illusion of depth, and looks particularly nice if used in cupboards where glassware is stored. In addition, the use of mirrored materials for splashbacks can create the illusion of space and grandeur, reflecting light and again, providing an extra feeling of depth.


As the hub of the home the kitchen will benefit from being well designed so that it is clutter-free, light and spacious. The first step is to plan the space as a whole, thinking about where and how additional storage can be integrated – will you use clever internals or quirky pot and pan storage, for example. Also, think about the practicality of different types of storage; drawers are often a more effective storage option than a cupboard – a pan drawer is easier to access and often more practical than a cupboard full of pans. Your kitchen has to work for you and your family, so make sure that whatever solutions you choose, they complement your lifestyle.

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