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Utility room designs ideas – What to consider

In the modern family home, the utility room has become a must have, with larger more elaborate boot rooms also growing in popularity. More often than not, the utility-cum-boot room is located near the back entrance to the house and is, therefore, the first or last room you experience. Why then should its design be overlooked and not given the thought and consideration that rooms such as the kitchen and lounge benefit from? At Davonport we hold the humble utility room in high regard and believe that getting the design of this workhorse of the house right is absolutely crucial. Here’s our quick guide on things to consider when it comes to utility room planning.

It sounds like an obvious point but getting the storage solutions right in your utility room is absolutely essential if it’s going to function well. The utility room is your go-to storage spot for the untidiest, messiest bits of family life. Everything from rain macs and wellies to cleaning products and dog leads, without adequate storage space these items quickly become clutter. Variety is key when it comes to utility or boot room storage options; cupboards, shelves, pegs and underseat storage all combine to create flexible, useful spaces for an array of items.

In many family homes, the back door is the main entrance, therefore, a bench seat by the door is the ideal spot to slip off muddy shoes or dry off the dog after a long walk. The utility room area in our converted barn project was designed to function primarily as a laundry room with the washing machine/ tumble dryer etc. along one wall, neatly hidden by furniture fronts, and a bespoke bench seat on the opposite side of the room. The family’s three children each have their own pegs with additional storage incorporated under the bench for shoes and boots.

Aside from the practical considerations of storage space and appliance positioning, for example, a well-designed utility room should have an aesthetic impact too. Whether you choose to match your kitchen cabinetry or go for something totally different, your utility/ boot room should be a beautiful space to be visually enjoyed. Cabinet colour, handle choices, brassware finishes and worktops are all to be considered. The aged brass and dark blue colour scheme in our Hove townhouse project utility room echoes the main kitchen, with a statement print above the sink to add a final design flourish to the room. Just because your utility room’s purpose is mundane doesn’t mean it has to feel that way.

If you are considering updating your utility or boot room, why not get in touch to see how our design team can help.

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