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Planning your kitchen storage – How to get it right

You can never have enough of it and it’s arguably, alongside worktop space, the most important aspect of any kitchen design; kitchen storage. Whether you’ve got a compact galley kitchen or an expansive open-plan kitchen, optimising your storage and ensuring you have appropriate kitchen storage is essential. Whether it’s a pantry, pan drawers, tall cupboards or open shelves; a combination of storage options is the best approach. By prioritising kitchen storage within the wider design you’ll create a highly functional and ergonomic space. Plus, with a place for everything your beautiful new kitchen can be appreciated without the interruption of worktop clutter. So, how can different kitchen storage options be utilised?

A Pantry or Larder

When it comes to kitchen storage, a pantry acts as a ‘one stop shop’ – a single cupboard designed to store fresh produce alongside dried products, cookware, small appliances and just about anything else you want to include. Having said this, a pantry with a specific use is becoming increasingly popular too. We’ve worked on breakfast pantries and even ‘gin bars’! So, if you’re considering a pantry in your own kitchen ask yourself how you plan to use it. Because everything we make is bespoke, you have ultimate flexibility and freedom in design. Working out how you plan to use your pantry means we can design a style, layout and position to suit.

However you plan to us it, a pantry can be designed to complement any style of kitchen. A traditional Butler’s Pantry is great for more classic designs, whilst a curved or corner pantry might be more suitable for a modern scheme. And then of course (if space allows) there’s the much-coveted walk in pantry…


This sounds like an obvious point, and maybe it is, but drawers are becoming a more popular option in many projects than cupboards. Whether it’s a bespoke cutlery drawer with an integrated knife block tailored to your specific set of knives, or a deep drawer complete with peg board to keep your crockery perfectly in place and easy to reach, they’re a super practical kitchen storage option.

Internal drawers are another popular choice – where one drawer front opens to reveal a second drawer within. Storage is maximised without complicating the lines of the furniture with additional drawer fronts. Whether you’re planning to use drawers for storage of crockery, pans or cutlery, every Davonport drawer box features dovetail joints. Made by hand, our drawers are dovetailed on all four corners to ensure optimum strength and durability.

Tall Cupboards

Wall units and base cupboards have their place in any kitchen design, but it’s important to also consider tall cupboards. When we work on smaller kitchens we often include tall cupboards – or a bank of them if space allows – for utility products. Whether that’s utility appliances (pictured below in our Holkham kitchen display), or simply a cupboard configured to store cleaning products and the vacuum cleaner, tall cupboards are a highly practical feature in any kitchen.

Open Shelves

If you’re considering open shelves in your new kitchen it’s important to consider that they do require frequent cleaning and if not well-organised, can make the cleanest of kitchens look cluttered. However, they also offer a unique opportunity to add storage to your kitchen that can double up as a visual statement. We often find that clients who choose open shelves use them for everyday ‘quick to hand’ items such as favourite mugs and glassware, alongside cookbooks and even treasured photographs or art pieces. After all, your kitchen should be an expression of your personal taste, and how better to inject some added style than with an open shelf?

The trick to getting kitchen storage to work for you is to think about how you use your kitchen, which items are most commonly used, and what you want to achieve from the space. Discussing these thoughts with your designer, and combining different options to suit will result in effective kitchen storage that will make your dream kitchen even more enjoyable.

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