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Bespoke kitchen island ideas

What’s on your kitchen wish list? When we talk to our clients about their dream kitchen, more often than not, a kitchen island comes into conversation. So what is it about kitchen islands that makes them so popular, and with so many options how do you create the perfect kitchen island?

For some people their island is specifically for food preparation, for others it’s the main cooking hub with cooktop, prep sink and main sink all situated on this one space. Perhaps your kitchen is focused around entertaining and so your dream kitchen island is designed to be a relaxed space to gather and perch at the breakfast bar with a glass of wine. When planning your kitchen island it’s important to discuss with your designer exactly how you plan to use it, so you end up with an island that’s just right for you and your lifestyle.

If you choose to work with a bespoke kitchen company then your options become far more extensive giving you ultimate control. Some of Davonport’s past projects include curved islands and a really interesting use of shape. One of our favourite kitchen islands was this serpentine island, inspired by a similar island our clients had seen in a restaurant whilst on holiday. The curves add to the ergonomics of the design by encouraging a gentle flow around the room as well as creating a stunning focal point.

There’s also the option to experiment with different materials and textures on your island. Using a statement colour on the kitchen island has become a very popular choice but it’s also worth considering going one step further and using a contrasting material or texture. Our SOHO kitchen illustrates this with its handle-less concrete island complete with sandblasted ash breakfast bar and recessed fabric detailing.

More importantly than the visual impact, the practicality of a kitchen island is of course integral. If your space is very large, an island is a valuable way to fill the room and give purpose to what could otherwise become wasted space. If you are looking to create an open-plan kitchen diner then it’s also worth exploring the idea of adding seating to your island. Banquette seating, where bench seating is integrated into the island and a table is then added, is a great way to make your island super sociable. Whether the table is used for brunch with friends or catching up on homework with the children it becomes a versatile and useful space that emphasises the sociable nature of your kitchen.

With so many options to consider, if you’re planning to include an island in your new kitchen it’s worth giving it substantial thought to ensure you achieve the perfect kitchen island; one that looks great and functions effortlessly for you and your family. To view a selection of island configurations and discuss your plans with a designer, visit our Colchester showroom.

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