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‘On Tap’ with Perrin & Rowe: Choosing the right brassware for your kitchen

The kitchen tap has become crucial to the overall design of modern day kitchens, which is exactly why picking the right tap for you is essential. With greater choice available in terms of style, design and technology, the kitchen tap is more than just a functional necessity. Instead, kitchen brassware can add style and sophistication, effortlessly enhancing the overall look of your kitchen space to create a truly bespoke design and aesthetic which perfectly complements your style of bespoke cabinetry.

But what questions should we be asking ourselves when selecting the perfect kitchen tap? You must consider the space, design, quality, water flow and function during your selection process, as these different elements will ultimately influence your decision. With a few simple pointers, you will be able to select the right taps for your home, suit any style of kitchen and seamlessly provide you and your family with the right level of function and design.

To begin, it is always a good idea to look into the company you are purchasing from. Make sure you delve into their heritage and company background, as this often speaks volumes about the quality of product and service you will receive. You are not only going to benefit from higher quality workmanship, but also from a company that is rich in heritage. Companies which are family-run have a strict approach to quality, stemming from their heritage and generational skill base. This attention to detail is exactly what a high-end kitchen requires: a well-engineered,hand crafted tap that is instrumental to the performance and overall visual of the space.

Brassware really can become a focal point in your kitchen, no longer recognised as a necessary standard kitchen component or finishing touch. If you want your kitchen tap to add value, then it is all about high quality and advanced performance. Brassware made using the highest quality raw materials will provide you with a timeless kitchen tap to complete your new or restored kitchen. It is good to know that lower quality and cheap imitations simply won’t perform as well, last as long or look as impressive as premium models so, be prepared to spend a little bit extra to guarantee quality assurance. Brassware that is hand built to last is typically crafted from solid brass: often the best material when looking for a tap that lasts!

However, there are so many interesting designs to choose from when looking at brassware for your kitchen, so whatever you choose, make sure it’s part of the overall design scheme. We are seeing a return to timeless traditional brassware, as this style of tap compliments both contemporary and classic kitchens. Mixing the old with the new has become rather trendy these days, and it is this type of look that will give your kitchen an interesting twist on the more classical schemes we’re used too. Our monobloc and bridgestyle options are a firm kitchen favourite, showing that true British designs work well across eclectic kitchen interiors. As such, traditional design is being emulated in all aspects of the kitchen through large farmhouse appliances, stately cabinetry and periodstyle brassware in classic finishes. Tap features such as crosshead handles and bridge mounted designs with intricate detailing will help you create a look with classic shapes. Porcelain handles will also help you achieve a traditional air, along with a choice of unusual brassware finishes, such as Antique Bronze or Natural Brass. Gold finishes are known to best suit traditional styles but chrome, nickel and pewter remain popular which only confirms, one kitchen does not fit all. If you’re planning to install a new bespoke kitchen in your home then ensuring the finishing touches echo the feel of the furniture is essential.

Technology also continues to affect the kind of kitchen tap we go for; reminding us it’s not all about style. This has seen the traditional Monobloc kitchen mixer slowly replaced by new and improved systems which can provide steaming hot water instantly. It is no surprise that we are all left utterly amazed and baffled by the range of new technologies that are competing for our attention. With so many different designs and features out there, remember that quality, function and performance will vary greatly from brand to brand. Err towards a hot tap with a tank that is WRAS Approved: this will guarantee the hot tap is fully accredited and operates safely.

Our most popular all-in-one kitchen tap, provides more than just hot and cold mains, it also dispenses up-to 99°C steaming hot water. The 3in1 kitchen tap is not only functional but also at the height of convenience; there is no need for a separate filtered water source or a kettle for your morning coffee. Perfect for contemporary kitchens, our new tap is controlled digitally and is easy to navigate with the LCD screen. The unique digital LCD temperature display can be quickly adjusted at the press of a button to deliver water at a lower temperature – for example 85°C, which is ideal for green and fruit teas. The water passes through Perrin & Rowe’s premium Nanotechnology filter, making it free from chlorine and other harmful metals and bacteria. Also acting as a lime inhibitor, the filter will additionally increase the tanks lifespan by preventing lime scale build-up: commonplace with most domestic kettles.

If you would like to incorporate a Perrin & Rowe tap into your new kitchen please contact a member of the Davonport design team. | 01708 526 361

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