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Why Choose AGA – Picking the Right Cooker for Your Kitchen

With autumn now upon us and winter not far behind, the appeal of hearty comfort food in your cosy family kitchen is increasing. What better to use for cooking your Sunday roasts and casseroles than an AGA? AGA cookers have seen a growth in popularity with their endearing character and intrinsic Britishness being a big draw for many of us. What was once assumed to be just for farmers with large country houses is now available to suit any size or style of property. Their classic cooker comes in a variety of sizes from 2-oven to 4-oven models, whilst the new generation models – Dual Control and Total Control – are available in 3 and 5-oven models. The Total Control has ovens and hotplates that can be switched on and off individually and the Dual Control has ovens that operate together – like a traditional AGA – but with hotplates that can be individually switched on and off. With these models, you can switch on different components depending on what you require, saving on energy and running costs.

AGA has recently released the City60 model – at just 60cm wide it’s the same size as a standard cooker, designed to fit into standard oven cavities. The City60 makes an AGA a viable option for those with more compact kitchens. From the grand 5-oven model to the smaller City60 option, there is now an AGA to fit into any sized kitchen. As for style, the City60 is available in traditional and contemporary in order to suit the décor of your home.

Whether you choose a Total Control, Dual Control or City60, the wide variety of colour choices available ensures that there’s a complimentary hue for every colour scheme. As well as traditional Black, Cream or Pewter designed to suit any colour palette there are also more striking colours such as Rose, Heather, Duck Egg Blue and Lemon, amongst others.

Aside from their distinctive aesthetic, an AGA provides a cooking experience that is second to none. Their cast iron construction creates radiant heat; this form of heat ensures that flavours and goodness are locked into food, resulting in meals with rich flavour and optimum nutrition. The set temperatures can seem daunting, however, once used to the workings, their reliability and consistency is a great benefit when cooking. The ‘art’ to AGA cooking is something that experts at your local AGA shop will be pleased to assist you with, helping to familiarise yourself with your cooker.

For over eight decades AGA cookers have been made in Britain, staying true to their Great British roots; perhaps the reason that so many owners are pleased with their cooker decades after its installation. Despite their longevity AGA is in no way lost in the past. They are constantly evolving to keep up with the requirements of modern day living – new generation ovens (Total Control and Dual Control models) have timers to economise on heat and time, whilst the City60 appeals to a more contemporary design of kitchen.

As well as the obvious benefits to cooking, taste and general appearance of the AGA itself, their heat helps to keep the kitchen warm in cooler months which in turn saves on the heating bill. They can even be used to help dry washing, saving money on the running costs of a tumble dryer. So whether you are looking for a classic cast iron AGA that harks back to their 1922 origin or a contemporary City60 or AGA Total Control for a brand new property there is a cooker to suit every kitchen.

If you would like more information about AGA or would like to discuss how you can incorporate one into your kitchen please contact us to discuss your plans with a member of our design team. 01206 760800 |

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