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Why green kitchens are one of 2023 hottest trends

Green kitchens have been growing in popularity over the last couple of years, whether through the use of paint, tiles or the kitchen itself. This year looks to be no different, and in fact, the use of green in a kitchen is as popular as blue which has been the reigning champion when it comes to colourful kitchens.

There is no hard and fast rule as to which shade of green to go for either, as both sage and dark earthy greens have been just as popular. The big difference for 2023 will be the emergence of the shade ‘Mint’, which will gain traction within kitchens.

mint green kitchenWhere and how you decide to use the colour green is a personal choice, but we are finding that more and more customers are choosing this colour for their kitchen cabinets.

If you do decide to choose this route, there are several ways to bring the colour to life, whether through just choosing it for a kitchen island, or the whole kitchen, each option can work perfectly. There is also a growing trend for combining several of green in the same space in what is known as a monochromatic kitchen that has real standout – think lighter shade kitchen wall and base units, with a darker green for the kitchen island.

Two tone green kitchenSo why is green such a popular colour in the kitchen?

After the pandemic, and now with so much economic and social uncertainly, we tend to design our homes with comfort in mind; our very own cocoon where we can bunker down with family and friends. This means we turn to colours and textures that help us to create this, with much of it being routed in natural materials, forms and colours as a way of bringing a smoothing and grounding feel to our homes.

For 2023, we’ll see more of mint green making its way into kitchens. It’s an uplifting, zingy yet calming and subtle shade and is an evolution of sage green that we’ve seen dominate over the last couple of years. Mint also works well alongside other green shades and contrasting with a forest green island can add more depth and a further dimension to the space.”

How do you style green kitchens?

As we’ve established that using the colour green is about bringing nature indoors, using similar materials for a cohesive look is important. Choosing warm woods for your floor options, or a reclaimed wooden table for your seating area carries on this theme while also adding textural elements from both a visual and touch perspective.

small green kitchenWhen it comes to your hardware and brassware choices, green is a colour that works across pretty much the full spectrum of metallic finishes, giving you plenty of choice. In fact, another trend for 2023 is to mix metallics – no more than three though – so you can have some fun with your new green kitchen.

What about worktops?

From our experience, most homeowners who decide to choose green cabinetry – no matter the shade – will choose a lighter worktop. However, we have designed and fitted green kitchens with dark worktop, and this works just as well!

Green kitchen islandIs there a style of kitchen that works best with the colour green?

Shaker cabinetry is my far the most popular (and our favourite), however, shaker doesn’t necessarily mean traditional. It can transcend across both modern and traditional kitchens, depending on how you style it; from door handles, taps, appliances and finishing touches.

modern green kitchenTherefore, green is very much a colour that works in all shape, sizes and style of kitchen, which is perhaps another reason why it is the most popular kitchen colour of 2023.





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