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Which Wood is Good Wood?

Not all kitchens are created equal… Whilst most people are preoccupied with the exterior of the cupboard, it’s the interior that is really important when it comes to quality. Undoubtedly the most popular material for constructing a cabinet is wood, however there are different grades and whilst using cheaper materials may keep the price down but it may well cost you in quality.

Whilst some manufacturers say that their cupboards are ‘solid wood’, in reality creating a kitchen cupboard, or any other kitchen furniture wholly out of solid wood is not ideal. Not only can it be prohibitively expensive, whilst technically possible, solid wood requires a lot of care and preparation to ensure that the finished product is stable and doesn’t shrink or warp, which can make for a lengthy process.

The alternative is to use engineered wood, which is stronger and more stable than solid wood. Therefore it is less likely to change shape, helping to ensure your cupboard stands the test of time. Most people are familiar with MDF and chipboard as forms of engineered wood, however these can be relatively low quality and not the best material for kitchen cupboards which are frequently used and need to bear the weight of the contents without bending.

At Davonport, we use melamine faced boards to create our kitchen cupboard interior. Sourced from a PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified supplier, this is a high grade, strong, moisture resistant wooden board which is higher quality than general furniture grade board and creates a sturdy interior that also has pleasing aesthetics. Lower quality materials aren’t always as appealing to the eye, and for that reason are often prepainted or veneered. Our cabinet interiors do not need to be covered, however, if you have a particular decor scheme in mind, we can make a cabinet interior being either veneered or painted to match.

It’s not always easy to tell whether a kitchen cupboard is of a high quality just by looking at it. Sometimes it’s the intelligent use of different materials and wood for specific functions, or the type of finish and the quality of the hinges and drawer runners which indicate how good it is. If you’re looking to replace or renew your kitchen furniture, and are unsure what to look for in these details please come and see us. With our factory under the same roof as our showroom, we can show you exactly how a quality cabinet is made and help you understand what to look for.

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