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Arte – Luxury Wallpapers & Coverings in the Kitchen

When clients work with us on a project they want more than just beautiful kitchen furniture, they are in search of creating a beautiful room. A significant influence on the feel of a room is of course the walls and when it comes to premium quality wallcoverings Arte are amongst the best in the world. It’s for this reason that we’ve chosen several Arte designs for our showroom. Arte creates stunning wallpapers and wallcoverings using a variety of materials for every room in the house, redefining and elevating the term ‘wallpaper’.


When it comes to using wallpaper in the kitchen it is worth checking that the covering you choose is designed for a kitchen environment. Vinyls are best for kitchen use, closely followed by wipeable non-woven wallpapers. The following designs are a small selection of some our favourites from Arte that are suitable for use in the kitchen.


The Mosaic design from Arte’s Monsoon collection is available in a range of 19 colours including golds, greys and blues so there is a shade to suit every kitchen colour scheme. It’s clear to see why this has been named Mosaic; the pattern is made up of a collection of soft squares with a graduated fade. The discreet mosaic effect this creates gives an immediate sense of understated grandeur. This particular design will blend very well with other aspects of your décor due to its subtleness.

Another pattern with subtlety at its core is the Illusion design from the Mirage collection. The magical appearance of the reflection of water is the inspiration behind this collection. The ripple and wave like formation echos the natural flow of water which creates a beautiful but delicate aesthetic. There are 22 colour variations available, from subtle silvers and greys through to brighter colours such as blue, orange and green.

If you’re looking for a bolder pattern with a little more impact the Maringa design from the Manakin collection is certainly one to consider. The Manakin collection is heavily influenced by fashion, taking direct inspiration from the subtle sheen and soft but stunning appearance of silk scarves. If you’re looking for something with a distinct pattern but not too bold, the turquoise, green and yellow colour palette may be a good choice. Alternatively, the warmer hues of reds, purples and browns makes for a more striking impact. Regardless of which colour palette you choose, this is a pattern best applied to a room with fairly neutral tones on the furniture. So if you have a cream or grey kitchen and are looking for a wallpaper to draw focus in the room, Maringa is ideal.

Another striking print if you’re looking for something to make an impact is the Shield pattern from Arte’s new Avalon collection. The Avalon collection takes its inspiration from the legend of the Isle of Avalon. If you’re not familiar with the tale, Avalon is a mythical land where everything grows in abundance. The richness of the landscape and organic feel of the surroundings is felt throughout the collection. The Shield pattern uses the palm leaf as the base of the design, giving it an opulent, high-end makeover. The botanical feel of this design runs deeper than simply the imagery – woven grass is used to make the paper enhancing its tangibility. The richness and depth of Shield lends itself to open plan rooms; we’ve seen it used in dining rooms and it’s proved very effective. Undoubtedly a striking pattern, this is ideal if you’re looking for something visually arresting that commands attention.

The choices you make when it comes to decorating a room will influence how you feel, use and enjoy the space so it’s worth putting aside plenty of time and adequate budget to ensure you make the right decision. If you’re in need of some more wallcovering inspiration head over to our Pinterest board to see a plethora of ideas, alternatively have a look through our kitchen colour schemes and colour trends blogs.


If you would like any additional information on Arte please visit their website:

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