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Sound and vision in the kitchen – Bang & Olufsen guest blog

With your kitchen space playing such a fundamental role in modern day life we truly believe it should be a room to enjoy and entertain in. In-keeping with this concept, we’ve begun working with the team at Bang & Olufsen of Colchester to help factor sound and vision into your wider kitchen design.  

Bang & Olufsen sound is crisp and commanding without being overpowering and we believe it’s important that the sounds in your kitchen are just as beautiful as the kitchen itself. From B&O’s wide range you can choose products to be discreetly placed, almost hidden, within walls or cabinets or if you’d rather you can opt to celebrate your speakers and television details within the kitchen’s design.

Cooking in your Davonport kitchen is relaxing, straightforward and enjoyable thanks to the functionality it offers – everything you need, easily accessed and where you want it. Similarly, at Bang & Olufsen we’ve done away with complicated systems, now your music system can be your smart phone or tablet. Simply join to your speakers wirelessly via Bluetooth then choose the music or radio you want to listen to. Pause, play, skip or rewind, the music is fully controllable by your device, a truly intuitive way to enjoy music in your kitchen. Extend the sound throughout your home effortlessly by adding other B&O speaker ad television multiroom products.


With Davonport, your kitchen is designed to stand out, not always in its aesthetics but in the way it performs.  Bang & Olufsen products are able to seamlessly integrate with a Davonport kitchen in a similar way. You can choose a statement look or subtly incorporate our products into the design, either way like the kitchen, your B&O system will perform. Bang & Olufsen is not about showing off, we’re about giving you sound and vision which is comfortable to your eyes and ears. Turn up our speakers and all levels of the sound are crisp and clear, without distortion. Conversation can still be held, and music enjoyed without disturbing the whole house. Turn on our televisions and discover natural colours and fine details combined to give a beautiful visual experience coupled with beating sound.

We currently have on display within the Davonport showroom a BeoPlay A9 which can be adapted to your design scheme, this round speaker can stand out with a contrast colour fret or have one custom made to a colour, print or photograph of your choice. Placement can either be freestanding or wall mounted.

For full details of the A9 and all other products within the Bang & Olufsen range please contact Bang & Olufsen of Colchester on 01206 763344 or visit their showroom at 61 High Street, Colchester CO1 1DN. Alternatively, to discuss the audio, visual aspect of your Davonport kitchen speak to your Designer who will be happy to progress your enquiry.

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