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5 stunning kitchen trends for 2020

The new year provides the perfect opportunity to refresh certain aspects of our life, whether it’s to start a new hobby, give up a bad habit, or revamp our homes. With that in mind, we share some of the top kitchen trends that we expect to be the next big thing in 2020.  

1. Fluted Glass

Architects and designers will spend hours ensuring they are maximising the amount of light within a room or building. A great way to maximise the light in an open plan living space is by utilising glass cabinets and room dividers, with the latter being particularly popular in rooms where both natural light and privacy are sought after. Fluted glass not only helps to maximise daylight, but also fits with the modern, industrial aesthetic, which is trending in interiors right now.

While you are still able to make out colours and shapes behind it, the vertical grooves which make up this decorative glass offer a touch of privacy by providing just enough of a screen to conceal the detail. This makes it perfect for kitchen furniture containing glassware or crockery and room dividers in large open plan living spaces. 

This fluted glass cabinet from Davonport’s Holkham shaker style furniture adds a touch of industrial style to the aesthetic. The vertical grooves in the decorative glass help to maximise natural daylight, without fully displaying the contents of the cupboards. 

2. Handleless Kitchens

Sleek, flat-panelled, handless kitchens with little or no detailing have become increasingly popular in open plan living areas. The simple, contemporary style suits homeowners who have multifunctional rooms where the kitchen zone is a practical area, used for the sole purpose of preparing food.

The stylish simplicity of this Davonport Soho kitchen furniture is perfect for open plan living areas, small townhouses, and apartments. It makes a statement but also blends in beautifully with any interior, with the flexibility to add as little or as much detail to the design as is preferred.

3. Industrial Inspired

Towards the end of the last decade, homeowners became notably more experimental with the type of textures and materials used in their kitchens. This trend is set to continue for 2020, from the subtle use of contrasting brass and gold hardware through to statement splashbacks and mesh-covered cabinets, the industrial style theme continues, but the overall look is even more eclectic.

The burnished, wire mesh covering in this Davonport Tillingham cabinet allows ornate and coloured glassware to be showcased in the bar area of this kitchen. Paired with brass hardware it adds an industrial accent to the overall aesthetic.

4. Open Shelving

Open shelving is becoming more prominent in kitchen design as having items on show in the kitchen is becoming more and more popular. As well as the obligatory shelves for recipe books, open storage under kitchen islands and simple shelves in between cabinets are highly sought after.

The open lattice-style shelving on the base of this Davonport Orford Island, reflects the light and airy aesthetic of the room, providing useful storage for heavier items, while also helping to create a more homely feel to the room.

5. Nature-inspired

Green handpainted kitchens were a popular choice in 2019 and this trend shows no sign of slowing down, with various tones of the colour also being used for floors and walls in interiors this year. In addition to the colour green, clients, and manufacturers are also opting for metaphorically ‘green’ kitchens, by making more conscious decisions about the type of manufacturing processes used to make their furniture, as well as the sustainability of the materials that are used.

Davonport furniture is all designed and manufactured in our Essex workshop in England, using materials that are sourced from suppliers who match our commitment to the environment. All the timber we use is sourced from suppliers certified by the forest stewardship council, this policy means that we do not use any timbers listed by the convention on international trade in endangered species.

Environmental awareness continues through each and every aspect of a Davonport design and manufacture; including a sophisticated extraction system that recycles off-cuts and collects wood shavings. These are then used to heat our factory, negating the need for fossil fuels. We are also continually developing our packaging and warehousing procedures to increase the content of recycled and recyclable material and have reduced our waste by 53% in the last five years.

If you would like to incorporate any of these designs into your new kitchen, get in touch with our team today to arrange an appointment with one of our talented designers.

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