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Bespoke kitchen storage solutions

When you invest in a bespoke kitchen it is not just the exterior that you are investing in. A bespoke kitchen company worth their salt will be just as focused on the functionality of the room, and by this we mean the inside of the cabinets, not just the appliances.

Plenty of storage for dried food goods, drawers strong enough to bear the weight of heavy cast-iron pans, and accessible cupboards to store all the unsightly appliances in, are just some of the functional needs that should be taken into consideration when designing bespoke kitchen furniture.  

At Davonport all our kitchens are designed and made to order, there are no ‘off the shelf’ options. In this blog is a selection of storage solutions from recent Davonport projects that have been designed to suit the client’s lifestyle.

A breakfast cupboard

The mornings can be hectic in family homes, and this is one of the many reasons why zoning areas in your kitchen design is helpful. For example, by creating an area where all things breakfast is easily accessible, it can help to save valuable time in the morning and allow the rest of the kitchen to be used for other activities such as making packed lunches. The other advantage is that when it is not in use it can be shut away, out of sight, keeping the worksurfaces clear and clutter free. This is a great design option for open plan living areas.

Pan storage

Cooking is much more pleasurable when everything you need is to hand, and likewise, when it is not in use it has a home. These made to measure, reinforced pan drawers are positioned directly opposite the hob for easy accessibility in this Davonport Tillingham kitchen.

Hidden details

The beauty of bespoke design is that it is made to suit the interior and work with the lifestyle of the people who reside in it. 

The image above shows a hidden prep sink in our Audley project utility room. Unlike the traditional Butler-style sink further along in the room, this one remains out of sight. It sits neatly behind a bi-folding cabinet door, so it can be easily accessed when required.

Another example is our wall to floor panelling in our Tillingham new build project. If you look closely at the far-left panel you can just about notice that this is a cupboard which, when opened, reveals a small plant room.

Open shelving

Open shelving helps to provide additional storage for dried food jars, cookery books and decorative accessories. It is these kinds of items that help to make a room feel more homely and ‘dressed’.

You can incorporate shelving into your design in many ways. In our latest Mersea kitchen (above), an integrated shelving unit utilises wasted space in the open plan kitchen living area. Whilst below, traditional style shelves introduce an oak accent to the room. Another popular design option is incorporating it into an island.

Special storage

In addition to all the usual storage that you find in a kitchen, many of our clients’ have unique requests for specific solutions to suit their lifestyle.

In our Canterbury project a bespoke drinks cabinet (in the same furniture as the kitchen) has been created to accommodate the client’s extensive gin collection. 

Near to the dining table wardrobe-style storage for their daughter’s craft activities has also been included into the overall design.

Finished with opulent mirrored glass and subtle LED lighting, the bespoke gin cupboard sits proudly in the heart of the room in equal distance from the dining table and kitchen island. It provides a real ‘wow’ factor in the room in the evening when entertaining.

These are just a few examples from our portfolio – for more inspiration, take a look at our Client Journeys, or to arrange a design consultation with one of our expert designers, please contact us.

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