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Bringing the coast to your kitchen

Living near the sea on Mersea Island, our owner and MD, Richard Davonport often meets local creatives. However, the work of Turquoise Tide Artistry especially caught his eye!

Image credit: Emma Gosling Photography


Having travelled all over the world with work and living by the coast, fellow island dweller, Vicki Hellen has always been naturally drawn to the ocean and loves all the elements of coastal living and the sea. Inspired by the ever-changing tides near her coastal home, last year she decided to take redundancy after 14 years working as a long-haul air stewardess, to pursue her creative idea of combining the connotations of the coast in unique pieces of homeware.

After several months of experimenting with resin designs, the result was a range of stunning seascape-themed rustic serving boards, decorated in a range of coastal hues.  

Image credit: Emma Gosling Photography


Naturally aligned with Davonport’s values of high quality craftsmanship, and directly related to kitchens, Richard purchased a board for his own home and was so impressed, he wanted to help spread the word about Vicki’s work. `

Image credit: Emma Gosling Photography


Each board is individually chosen and made from sustainable mango wood, a durable hardwood. Vicki then uses resin in a mixture of colours and textures to create her ocean-inspired designs. It can take up to several days to complete a board based on the number of layers and detail required.

Not only are these beautiful boards symbolic of the coast, but they are also made considering the impacts on the environment; the resin product that Vicki uses produces zero toxins and zero VOC’s meaning nothing is airborne. She also uses mica powders made from natural minerals that are 100 per cent ethically sourced, 100 per cent vegan friendly and 100 per cent cruelty free, to colour the resin.

Image credit: Emma Gosling Photography


To see more of the designs from Turquoise Tide Artistry, visit or Instagram: @turquoise_tide_artistry or Facebook @turquoisetideartistry

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