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Classic kitchen design trends that never go out of style

Interior design trends are constantly evolving and changing, meaning it’s common for something that is in style one year to be out of fashion 12 months later. In fact, when flicking through the pages of glossy home magazines, it’s easy to have your head turned by kitchens that are very on-trend or ‘high fashion’ in interior terms. However, we understand that embarking on the journey to a new kitchen is a big investment, and as a result, you’ll probably want to ensure that the design stands the test of time. 

We’ve outlined a combination of some of the style choices our customers have made, as well as some of our favourite kitchen design ideas that are both classic and timeless and so will never go out of style.

Timeless kitchen design trends

Central islands 

Designing a kitchen around a central island helps to create a focal point and hub at the heart of the room. Whether the island is functional and includes the hob and oven or some form of seating such as a breakfast bar or banquette seating, or is just great for storage, is up to you but the trend for islands does not look like it is going to wane any time soon.

Glazed cabinetry 

Glazed cabinetry is a trend that is extremely on trend at the moment but is something that will create a timeless design in a kitchen because it’s actually a throwback to older style kitchens too.

Incorporating glass into kitchen cabinetry is not only a stylish design feature but also a great way to display glassware or crockery. This can also be taken to another level by incorporating floor-to-ceiling glazed cabinetry but will probably only appeal to those who have time to ensure their cupboards are Marie Kondo tidy! 

For those who love the idea of glass but have concerns about having everything on show, think frosted glass. This adds a level of privacy but the outlines of the glassware or crockery behind still creates a stunning visual effect, especially if lighting is given due consideration.

Natural stone worktops 

Stone work surfaces are extremely versatile and are certain to remain in fashion for years to come. Natural stone is a material that will work in almost any style of kitchen meaning that it will stay on trend even if you decide to update other parts of your kitchen. As new tones come in and out of fashion, a splash of colour can be added by updating the appliances or soft furnishing, while you can remain confident that your stone worktops with their natural patina, will continue to stay in fashion. 

At the moment bolder patterns are proving to be very popular, however, for a truly timeless design, subtle natural stone worktops are the best choice. 

Simple mantels 

Not only is the addition of a mantel extremely practical by creating additional storage, but it will also help create a gorgeous kitchen that will never go out of style, as even the earliest stoves and ovens tended to be housed under a mantle of sorts. 

A simple mantel above the oven or hob will draw the eye to that area of the kitchen, while boosting the overall design of the room. However, over the years, different styles of kitchens have incorporated increasingly intricate and complex designs. Steer clear of anything that will date the design and go simple and elegant and your mantel will be a real focus point for all the right reasons.

Banquette seating

Having different seating options in a kitchen is vital for creating a multifunctional space and although the addition of banquette seating is a fairly recent trend, we think it’s a feature that is here to stay. 

Not only is banquette seating totally appealing on an aesthetic front, it is also extremely practical, especially in a family kitchen and adds a level of luxury as well. That’s because the seating can’t be an afterthought but needs to be incorporated in the overall design. In particular, we believe a curved or rounded seating area juxtaposed with more angular cabinetry works really well. 

We are expecting to see more customers opt for banquette seating following the recent COVID-19 lockdown, with families realising the need for somewhere to eat casual meals together and perhaps having a more formal dining area elsewhere.

Banquette seating is obviously also a much-sought after option where space is at a premium.

Designing a timeless kitchen

While it can be tempting to include all the must-have, current trends into a new kitchen, this can be visually overwhelming and it certainly doesn’t guarantee that the space will stand the test of time. 

As a new kitchen is a significant investment, ensuring that it doesn’t need to be dramatically updated in a short period of time should be at the forefront of your mind. And similarly, should you ever need to sell your property, making design choices that aren’t too extreme, will also appeal to a broader number of prospective buyers. 

A further consideration is that the materials used in bespoke kitchen design are carefully selected and rigorously tested, so it’s important to make sure the style has longevity because the kitchen itself will last a lifetime. 

By taking the advice of a good kitchen designer, and relying on tried and tested styles rather than current fads, you can rest assured that your kitchen will still add wow factor for years to come.

Looking for more advice on designing a timeless kitchen extension? Get in touch with our team today to arrange an appointment with one of our talented designers.

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