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Davonport’s Design Details: Choosing a darker coloured kitchen

The trend for darker coloured, hand painted kitchens is continuing this year, with bold blues and nature inspired greens flooding Instagram and home magazines. If you are considering a darker coloured kitchen, here some points to consider:

The size of your kitchen

Darker colour kitchen schemes are great for making spaces feel more enclosed and even cosy. In larger rooms they can create a focal point and help to provide a sense of balance. However, if not designed carefully, kitchens with darker coloured cabinetry can feel cramped and, in some cases, gloomy.


If your room is on the smaller side, by breaking up the cabinetry with design features such as open shelving and glazed wall cabinets, you can help to maximise the amount of natural daylight. This will evoke the feeling of more space, creating a ‘lighter’ feel to the kitchen.


Gold and bronze tone accessories are currently a popular choice with inky blue and dark green kitchens. Over the last decade, the choice of cabinet hardware and taps has grown enormously, with hundreds of options now available to suit all budgets. 

Tip: Before finalising your handle choice check that you can get a tap to match the same tone, as there are fewer taps available than there are handles.

Worktop choice

Lighter coloured, natural stone and wooden worktops contrast beautifully with dark furniture. They help to balance the scheme, as well as allowing other elements and textures to be incorporated into the interior. An added bonus is that they are also easier to keep clean, showing up fewer smears and spillages, whilst enhancing the amount of light in the room too.

Overall style

Whilst darker colours might be trending in interiors right now, similar to fashion, you still need to consider if the trend suits your room and the wider context of your home! For example, if you’re choosing a new kitchen for a quaint little countryside cottage, then a more classic colour scheme might suit the property better. 

Tip: Introduce a darker colour as an accent colour on your kitchen island for a nod to the trend or to provide an instant update to older kitchens.

If you’re still struggling to decide on the colour of your new kitchen, take a look at our other blog for expert advice on choosing a kitchen colour scheme.

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