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Davonport’s favourite green kitchen designs

The popularity of green kitchens and green interiors, in general, is at an all time high, and as we move into the new year there is no sign of it slowing down. From soft sages through to bold forest greens, the choice of shades to choose from is almost limitless.

With connotations of nature and growth, green is calm and tranquil, so it is almost unsurprising that homeowners have been drawn to the colour in recent times.

In this blog, we explore the different ways our recent clients have incorporated greens into their kitchens.

Pair with natural materials to create an indoor sanctuary

Materials reminiscent of the natural elements such as wood, glass, and gold tone accessories all complement greens and combined help to create a truly nature-inspired interior.

The solid wooden flooring and bevelled glass cabinets in this Davonport Holkham kitchen are paired with brushed gold accessories and a crisp white natural stone worksurface. The overall look is classic, and the nature-inspired scheme seamlessly connects to the outdoor space via the traditional-style French doors.

Accents of green

If the bold monochrome look isn’t for you, shades of green also work well as an accent colour. For example, a statement island, or soft furnishings such as blinds and upholstery are popular ways to create a green kitchen.

In this Davonport kitchen the island has been hand painted in a heritage green and the same tone has been matched on the Roman blind, for a ‘pulled’ together interior.

Go big, go all green

For maximum impact, combine hand painted furniture with walls painted in a similar shade.

The furniture and walls in this Davonport utility and boot room has been handpainted in similar greens from Farrow and Ball for maximum impact.

Accessorise with gold and brass

Gold and brass accessories look striking with greens. From handles and hinges, to plug sockets and taps, you can incorporate gold into your green kitchen in almost any material or finish.

Boiling water taps are also available in gold and brass finishes. The Quooker Fusion in patinated brass in this Davonport kitchen matches the tone of the traditional style cup handles and exposed butt hinges.

Natural worktops

Light coloured stone and wooden worktops look best with green kitchen cabinetry, as their tones are closest to those found in nature.

For a classic look, a crisp white quartz or natural stone looks striking, and will also help to reflect natural daylight in the room. Wooden worksurfaces also look great with greens, despite being less practical in family kitchens.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to create a green kitchen, and ultimately, as with all interiors, it is just personal preference with regards to how bold you chose to go.

If you are currently planning a new kitchen and would like more expert advice, or to book a design consultation with one of our expert designers, please contact us.

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