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Davonport’s Design Details: Kitchen Canopies A Classic Centrepiece

If you are looking to create a classic kitchen with traditional features a mantel or canopy is the standalone piece that will complete this look.

In this blog we look at the differences between them and the ways in which you can customise your design to suit your taste and lifestyle.

The primary function of a mantel is to house the extractor fan, making it a discreet feature in the room to be in keeping with a traditional design. A canopy houses an extractor in the same way as a mantel but does not take up any additional worksurface.

The canopy in the luxurious new build Audley kitchen, pictured above, is a great example of how the look of a mantel can be retained whilst leaving your worktop space clear.

The over mantel and corbels which support it can be designed to suit your taste with as much or as little detail as you like.

The columns on either side of a mantel can be designed to include additional storage such as drawers or spice cupboards, to keep all your cooking essentials within easy reach of the hob.

If you are torn between a kitchen canopy and mantel, reflect on the worksurface you already have planned for your kitchen and decide whether you would benefit from additional storage or extra workspace.

For more inspiration you can request a free copy of our brochure here.

If you are ready to discuss your project in more detail, why not contact us to arrange a design consultation with one of our expert designers?

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