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Ways to make an open plan kitchen feel more homely

Kitchens that are designed as part of larger open-plan layouts can be more challenging to make feel cosy.

In this blog, we take inspiration from real Davonport projects and the different interior tricks that have been used to make spacious kitchens feel more inviting and homely.

1. Honour the heritage of the building

By working with the bones of the building to incorporate original features, you will create a room that is sympathetic to the heritage of your property.

Furniture designed around original ceiling beams, incorporating a period fireplace, or for one-off/unique homes, adding the name of the property on a focal point in the room, will help to make the room feel more authentic, which will naturally feel more welcoming.

2. Introduce soft furnishings where you can

With hard flooring and minimal internal walls, sound waves have less to refract from in open plan kitchens. As a result, these rooms can become quite loud and noisy.

By incorporating soft furnishings into your interior, not only will they help to dampen any noise, but they will also help to make the room look more pulled together and feel warmer.

Soft furnishings such as Roman blinds, and upholstery in the way of window seats, banquette style seating, and even kitchen stools can be created to either complement the colour of your kitchen furniture or even add a striking accent colour.

3. Include layered lighting

Layered lighting includes practical task lighting in the kitchen area, as well as mood lighting for when cooking is complete and it’s time to entertain and relax.

For a multifunctional room, it is crucial to invest time planning your lighting scheme, as it will be intrinsic to the warmth and ambience.

4. Include open plan shelving

Open shelving is a nice way to inject your personal style, as well as store useful items such as cookery books and plants. It is a simple and effective way to make your kitchen feel more homely.

5. Extend your furniture beyond the kitchen area

By incorporating bench style seating, integrated dressers, and media units in the same style cabinetry, the room will flow seamlessly together – helping to make it feel more inviting.

6. Create a focal point with a mantel

Incorporating a mantle creates a focal point for the kitchen design. Historically they have evolved from traditional country-style kitchens, which by their nature, exude a warm & cosy feel.

7. Create an area for relaxing in

In larger kitchens creating a separate area away from the main kitchen for relaxing in will give the room an extra purpose. Including a sofa, a heat source, and maybe even a TV will make it perfect for relaxing and socialising with family and friends.

Ultimately, the most inviting kitchens are the ones where the interior appears to be seamless, and it meets the lifestyle needs of the homeowners. It has been said many times, but the kitchen always has been, and always will be, the heart of the home.

If you are creating an open-plan kitchen, contact our team today for more expert advice or to book a free design consultation.

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