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Future kitchen design trends

With interior design trends constantly evolving, it can be tough to keep up to date as different colours and textures come in and out of fashion almost as often as the seasons change.

We previously highlighted some of the classic kitchen design trends that will never go out of style, but here we look at some themes that are seeing a huge rise in popularity. And how do we know? Because we’ve incorporated every single trend outlined below into our clients’ kitchens over the past few months!   

Kitchen design trends to keep your eye on

Brass accessories 

Brass has become the go-to material for adding stylish accents and a pop of colour to your kitchen. It works equally well in moderation or if applied generously. 

Small touches of brass throughout the kitchen exude elegance and luxury, especially when coupled with darker tones. Incorporating brass sparingly throughout a kitchen adds an understated glamour of a bygone era without dominating the overall design. One of the most common ways our customers have subtly incorporated brass into their kitchens is by selecting their ironmongery, such as cupboard handles, taps and accessories such as lighting. 

For customers who are keen to make a more dramatic statement, the use of brass can turn what is often an unsuspecting part of the kitchen into a stylish centrepiece. For example, the humble sink is commonly included in an island, making it an unintentional focal point of the whole room. By adding a pop of colour in the way of a stunning undermounted brushed brass bowl, it turns what is often just a functional element of the kitchen into a beautiful design feature in itself.

Breakfast cupboards 

With families spending more time at home as a result of COVID-19, many of our customers have been looking for new storage options to keep their kitchen clutter-free. 

Unsightly appliances and overcrowded worktops can detract from the stunning design of a kitchen. As a result, we have seen a rise in the inclusion of breakfast cupboards. Similar to a pantry, a breakfast cupboard can be designed to be a statement centrepiece in a kitchen or to blend seamlessly with the other cabinetry in the room. And the interior design can also be crafted to suit the exact needs of your kitchen and family.

Whether it’s for hiding unsightly appliances like a kettle or toaster, or for storing cereal and other breakfast items, or ensuring your coffee machine is always accessible, a breakfast cupboard is the perfect storage solution for a busy family kitchen.

Matching splashback and worktops

In the past, it was common to make a splashback a significant feature of the kitchen, using contrasting colours or materials to create stand out. However, this trend has seen a U-turn recently with many of our customers opting to continue their work surfaces as an upstand or full splashback.

If this is your preference too, then you need to select the material carefully as not every worktop material is suitable for an upstand. Natural stone is an ever-popular choice and works really well. More modern materials such as concrete and ceramic worktops offer a more edgy approach to the same seamless look.

Bar areas

With bars and restaurants having been closed for such a long period of time, many homeowners looked to create their own to entertain guests in the comfort of their own homes. 

Turning an unused corner of the kitchen into your own home bar creates the perfect place to celebrate with family, entertain friends, or to try your hand at being a mixologist. 

To ensure the space is eye-catching and stylish many of our customers are opting for fluted glass cabinets or even open shelving to display glassware. From a functional perspective, the addition of a wine or beer fridge is crucial to ensure that your drinks are ready to serve, whenever required. 

Ultimately, the design and size of this space is completely up to you and may differ depending on your drink preferences. It can vary from a large space with an actual bar and the addition of stool seating for guests, or it can simply be a dedicated cupboard with adequate storage to house everything for your favourite cocktail in one convenient place.

Green kitchens

From a style and design standpoint, the most popular trend we are seeing at the moment is the addition of green tones throughout the kitchen. Green is an extremely versatile colour and with so many different hues, there is something for all tastes. Whether it’s rich earthy tones, subtle splashes of spring greens, or bold pops of lime, there is something for everyone.

Additionally, green tones work well with many of the other design trends that we are currently experiencing at Davonport – particularly the brass accessories and natural stone splashbacks. 

With issues such as the environment and climate change becoming more prominent, it’s not surprising to see the use of a natural colour palette and natural materials becoming more popular in our homes. 

While there are, of course, a number of classic design trends that will never go out of style, we love to look to the future and see the new wave of trends coming through. What’s your favourite?

Are you ready to start the process of designing your dream kitchen? Get in touch with our team today to arrange an appointment with one of our talented designers.

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